Publications from Govindaraj, K.

Govindaraj, K.; Grewe, D.; Artemenko, A.; Kirstädter, A.*: Towards Zero Factory Downtime: Edge Computingand SDN as Enabling Technologies. Proceedings of the International Workshop on Mobile Edge Networks and Systems for Immersive Computing and IoT (MobiEdge'18), At Limassol, October 2018, pp. 285-290. [Show full record] / Download [PDF]

Govindaraj, K.; Saha, M.; Artemenko, A.; Kirstädter, A.*: Investigation of Uninterrupted Service Live Migration Using Software-Defined Networking. Proceedings of International Conference on Networked Systems (NetSys), München, March 2019. [Show full record] / Download [PDF]

Govindaraj, K.; John, J.P.; Artemenko, A.; Kirstädter, A.*: Smart Resource Planning for Live Migration inEdge Computing for Industrial Scenario. Proceedings of the 7th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Cloud Computing, Services, and Engineering, Newark, CA, April 2019, pp. 30-37. [Show full record] / Download [PDF]

Artemenko, A.; Mehrez, I.; Govindaraj, K.; Kirstädter, A.*; Kuznietsov, M.: Empirical Investigation of Offloading Decision Making in Industrial Edge Computing Scenarios. European Conference on Networks and Communications & 6G Summit (EuCNC/6G Summit): Vertical Applications and Internet of Things (VAP), Porto, June 2021, pp. 311-316. [Show full record] / Download [PDF]