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Project description

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Master thesis No. 991    (Offer)   [pdf]

Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Quality-of-Service Prediction for 5G Sidelinks in an Automotive Scenario




Mobile Communication



Vehicle-to-vehicle communication is an important use case of the 5G mobile communication infrastructure. This enables traffic participants to exchange their vehicle parameters like position, acceleration, and rotation and messages like warnings that are based on the traffic and the environment situation.

Since intact communication between traffic participants together with a cruise control in their vehicles can ensure that the vehicles brake or accelerate almost at the same time, vehicles can drive on thight in dense traffic for reasons of efficiency without increasing the risk of collision.

Assuming real mobile radio channels with fluctuating service quality, the drive-on distance must be, depending on a predicted quality of service, adequately adjusted to avoid both: collisions first, then traffic jams. The packet-delivery ratio is a possible indicator for a sufficient prediction of service quality.

Problem Description

In this thesis you will have to design, implement and evaluate a quality-of-service prediction for a 5G sidelink in an automotive scenario. This includes:

Literature research

Derivation of the best approach

Design and implementation in SimLib


Acquired Knowledge and Skills

You will gain insight into state-of-the-art 5G knowledge and its application for an automotive scenario. You will learn to derive a problem specific solution from existing literature. In addition, you will gain experience in using and extensing a large discrete-event simulation software library.



Programming Experience in Java
Kommunikationsnetze I


M.Sc. Tobias Enderle, room 1.402 (ETI II), phone 685-67992, [homepage, E-Mail]

M.Sc. Arthur Witt, room 1.403 (ETI II), phone 685-69015, [homepage, E-Mail]