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Meier, S.*; Vensmer, A.*; Ulshoefer, K.


YouQoS ? A New Concept for Quality of Service in DSL Based Access Networks




Today?s Internet users typically own multiple devices and consume several services simultaneously. Due to this usage pattern, bandwidth in Access Network (ANs) is often insufficient. Increasing bandwidth is not always feasible or economic. A well-known approach to cope with limited bandwidth is Quality of Service (QoS) enforcement. However, today?s QoS solutions are neither accepted by providers nor by users. Users are concerned because of network neutrality. Operators hesitate adopting QoS frameworks because they typically require end to end deployment. In this paper we present YouQoS ? a solution, which addresses operators? as well as users? concerns by providing a QoS solution, which works locally in the AN based on user defined QoS policies. We introduce our evolutionary approach to QoS management in today?s Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) based ANs by utilizing and enhancing existing QoS mechanisms. Furthermore, we provide an initial proof of concept with a Linux demonstrator.



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Meier, S.; Vensmer, A.; Ulshoefer, K.
YouQoS ? A New Concept for Quality of Service in DSL Based Access Networks
Proceedings of the 20th Open European Summer School and IFIP TC6.6 Workshop (EUNICE 2014), Rennes, September 2014, pp. 109-120

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