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Zhang, W.*


Interworking Security in Heterogeneous Wireless IP Networks


Protocol Engineering


Network Management; Network Security




With the exponential growth of the Internet and the wide deployment of cellular networks, there is a trend to integrate the Wireless LAN (WLAN) and cellular networks. As the network evolves, it is believed that in the future, there will be all- IP based wireless networks, and the interworking will be based on an IPv6 platform. For the interworking of UMTS and the WLAN, and providing Mobile IP service across administrative domains, a generic AAA architecture and mechanism are needed. In this paper, the security requirements for Mobile IPv6 and its deployment across administrative domains are presented. The proprietary authentication and key derivation mechanisms for UMTS, the WLAN and the Internet are introduced. It is proposed that authentication for the interworking be performed on the IP layer, and both IP layer and link layer key materials be derived after authentication. In addition, it is revealed that Context Transfer protocol has its limitations for handover in heterogeneous networks, and accordingly reauthorization and new link layer key derivation procedures have been proposed.



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Zhang, W.
Interworking Security in Heterogeneous Wireless IP Networks
Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on Networking (ICN '04), Guadeloupe, March 2004

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