Publication No 36304


Horvath, O.; Macian, C.*; Stanchina, S.*


A Simple Autonomous Reconfigurable Cryptographic Node


Network Security; Internet


Systems Engineering




Current communication systems usually lack the flexibility to perform vast functional hanges without expensive (in time, money and complexity) upgrades. The use of programmable logic in communication equipment provides the mixed advantages of software-like flexibility and high performance. A less well studied capacity of Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs) is the possibility of building fully autonomously reconfigurable systems that can adapt to changing needs and conditions. In this paper, an architecture for a simple autonomous reconfigurable node is presented that takes advantage of these features. To demonstrate its flexibility a prototype was imlemented and tested for the case of Security Gateways in a VPN environment. Results show that a completely autonomous reconfiguration is possible and compatible with performance in the Gbps range.



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Horvath, O.; Macian, C.; Stanchina, S.
A Simple Autonomous Reconfigurable Cryptographic Node
Proceedings of the 9th EUNICE Open European Summer School and IFIP Workshop on Next Generation Networks, Balatonfüred, September 2003

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