Publication No 35745


Sanzi, F.; Necker, M.C.*


Totally blind APP channel estimation for mobile OFDM systems




A new two-dimensional blind channel estimation scheme for coherent detection of OFDM signals in a mobile environment is presented. The channel estimation is based on the A Posteriori Probability (APP) calculation algorithm. The time-variant channel transfer function is completely recovered without phase ambiguity with no need for any pilot or reference symbols, thus maximizing teh spectral efficiency of the underlying OFDM system. The phase ambiguity problem is solved by using a 4-QAM scheme with asymmetrical arrangement. The results clearly indicate that totally blind channel estimation is possible for virtually any realistic time-variant mobile channel.



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Sanzi, F.; Necker, M.C.
Totally blind APP channel estimation for mobile OFDM systems
IEEE Commucication Letters, Vol. 7, No. 11, 2003, pp. 517-519

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