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IKR Publication No 36323


Publication No 36323


Mutter, A.; Necker, M.C.*; Lück, S.*


IP-Packet Service Time Distributions in UMTS Radio Access Networks




This work deals with the service time of IP-packets within the UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network (UTRAN). The focus is on the influence of the Radio Link Control (RLC) Layer's ARQ-mechanism with respect to the various parametrization possibilities. The service time of IP packets is evaluated by means of pdf and ccdf functions. Beside the discussion of the optimal parameter choice, the service time statistics are linked to TCP performance results. It will be shown that even a good parameter choice may lead to long service times, and that the shortest possible service time does not necessarily lead to the best TCP performance.



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Mutter, A.; Necker, M.C.; Lück, S.
IP-Packet Service Time Distributions in UMTS Radio Access Networks
Proceedings of the 10th Open European Summer School and IFIP WG 6.3 Workshop (EUNICE 2004), Tampere, June 2004, pp. 71-78

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