Package ikr.simlib.control.simulationcontrol.callbacks

Callbacks for State Transitions

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Package ikr.simlib.control.simulationcontrol.callbacks Description

Callbacks for State Transitions

The explicit division of the simulation in single phases by using different methods is done for a purpose. Some classes (e.g. statistics) must perform actions at the beginning/end of phases/partial phases like the initialization or reset of counters. For these purposes, there are the following interfaces:

- InitSimulationCallback
- StartSimulationCallback
- StartTransientPhaseCallback
- StopTransientPhaseCallback
- StartBatchCallback
- StopBatchCallback
- StopSimulationCallback

All objects implementing one or more of these interfaces can be registered with the global instance of the class SimulationControlManager. At the beginning/end of each phase/ partial phase, the respective functions callback methods will be called.<7br> Some classes of the SimLib already implement some of the interfaces listed above.