Publications from Nguengang, G.

Mihailovic, A.; Nguengang, G.; Kousaridas, A.; Israel, M.; Conan, V.; Chochliouros, I.; Belesioti, M.; Raptis, T.; Wagner, D.; Mödeker, J.; Gazis, V.; Schaffer, R.; Grabner, B.; Alonistioti, N.: An Approach for Designing Cognitive Self-Managed Future Internet. Future Network & Mobile Summit 2010, Florence, June 2010, pp. 1-9. [Show full record] / Download [PDF]

Wagner, D.; Mödeker, J.; Bouet, M.; Nguengang, G.; Schaffer, R.: Cognitive management of procotol composition enhanced Future Internet elements. Proceedings of the Future Network & Mobile Summit (2011), June 2011, pp. 1-8. [Show full record] / Download [PDF]