Publications from Fuchs, C.

Giggenbach, D.; Kirstädter, A.*; Fuchs, C.; Elbers, J.-P.; Grallert, H.-J.: Neue Kommunikationssysteme für den mobilen Internetzugang -Stratosphärische Kommunikationsplattformen und LEO-Mega-Constellations. Report, ITG, February 2017. [Show full record]

Parthasarathy, S.; Giggenbach, D.; Barrios, R.; Fuchs, C.; Kirstädter, A.*: Simulative Verification of Channel Reciprocity in Free-Space Optical Inter-HAP Links. Proceedings of the International Conference on Space Optical Systems 2017 (ICSOS), Naha, November 2017. [Show full record] / Download [PDF]

Parthasarathy, S.; Giggenbach, D.; Fuchs, C.; Mata-Calvo, R.; Barrios, R.; Kirstädter, A.*: Verification of Channel Reciprocity in Long-Range Turbulent FSO Links. Proceedings of the 19th ITG-Symposium in Photonic Networks 2018, Leipzig, June 2018. [Show full record] / Download [PDF]