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Christou, F.*


MINDFul.jl: A Framework for Intent-driven Multi-Domain Network coordination


Network coordination across multiple domains is a complex task requiring seamless communication between network entities. Network operators target to minimize costs while ensuring the requirements of the user requests. Such efforts are highly challenging in decentralized environments with diverse network operators, where only partial knowledge of the complete network is available. Intentdriven multi-domain coordination offers various benefits, some inherent to Intent-Based Networking (IBN) and others stemming from the standardization of the Northbound Interface (NBI). As standardization is still missing, there has not been a substantial initiative to develop tools that leverage this paradigm. MINDFul.jl is a Julia library that fills this gap and provides the means to accelerate research in this area, both at the architectural and the algorithmic level. It provides a stateful, modular representation of common metro/core IP-optical network equipment as well as the common intent operations. Finally, it facilitates event-based simulations with a hackable interface and offers visualization support.



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Christou, F.
MINDFul.jl: A Framework for Intent-driven Multi-Domain Network coordination
Presented in JuliaCon 2023 (submitted to the proceedings), Cambridge, July 2023, pp. 1-2

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