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Ahmad, I.; Malinen, J.; Christou, F.*; Porambage, P.; Kirstädter, A.*; Suomalainen, J.


Security in Intent-Based Networking: Challenges and Solutions


Intent-Based Networking (IBN) aims to automate administrative and management tasks in future communications networks. By leveraging networking concepts such as network abstractions and data-plane programmability and using artificial intelligence (AI), IBN improves the overall efficiency of communications networks. IBN employs a closed-loop architecture to monitor and optimize real-time network performance, reduce human intervention, and enhance resilience. However, the paradigm and the technological enablers introduce security challenges. This article studies the security gains and challenges in IBN from the aspect of enabling concepts and technologies. Furthermore, the article highlights potential solutions to existing challenges, outlines the standardization efforts, and summarizes the most important research gaps to advance future research in this direction.



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Ahmad, I.; Malinen, J.; Christou, F.; Porambage, P.; Kirstädter, A.; Suomalainen, J.
Security in Intent-Based Networking: Challenges and Solutions
Proceedings of the Conference on Standards for Communications and Networking (CSCN 2023), München, November 2023, pp. 1-6

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