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Kühn, P.J.; Nawab, I.


Analysis of Distributed Real-Time Control Systems with Shared Network Infrastructures


Distributed control applications are considered where the controlfunctions are implemented by software of a centralized controller and wheresystem state information and control commands are communicated through ashared communication infrastructure. Through the shared communicationinfrastructure the control functionalities of the individual control loops mayinfluence each other and can have an affect on Service Level Objectives(SLO) to be guaranteed for each individual control application. In this contri-bution a novel approach is suggested for an enhanced CSMA/CD local areanetwork infrastructure where the application control layer is directly put on anenhanced Media Access Control (MAC) layer of the communication infras-tructure to minimize control delays. A comprehensive model is derived for theresulting network with all competing applications and protocol functions for safecommunications. The performance of the MAC layer request is analyzed exactlyby a stochastic phase TCrepresenting its aggregated behavior. The delay per-formance of the individual control applications is analyzed by means of aqueuing model of type GI/G/1 where GI represents the total control requestarrival process and G a virtual service time TCfrom which the aggregatednetwork delay parameters are derived. The distributed network control system(NCS) model with the shared infrastructure is analyzed exactly by methods ofControl Theory by computational algorithms and MATLAB Simulink toolsupport.



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Kühn, P.J.; Nawab, I.
Analysis of Distributed Real-Time Control Systems with Shared Network Infrastructures
Proceedings of the 17th IFIP International Conference on Wired/Wireless Internet Communications, Bologna, June 2019, pp. 222-232

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