Publication No 36772


Kirstädter, A.


Buffer coordination method for ATM switching devices


The method involves using a serial data conductor between the control mechanisms of individual input buffers to avoid output blockages. A successful usage of bit positions on the serial conductor is assigned to a transmission command of an ATM cell on an output of the switching devices, associated with that bit position. The input buffers are subdivided into sub-buffers with respect to the outputs of the switches. The initial association of bit positions on the serial conductor to the individual input buffer controls, is unsorted and purely sequential. The initial association always begins with the buffer control which is found at the first position of the serial conductor. An adaptive reservation method is used to achieve a fairness adjustment of throughputs of individual input buffers which compete for the same outputs.; The association of input buffers to individual bit positions is produced by occasionally allowing the controls of, by then disadvantaged inputs, access on reserved bit positions.



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Kirstädter, A.
Buffer coordination method for ATM switching devices
Patent, No DE19540160, April 1997

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