Publication No 36770


Hellwig, M.; Kirstädter, A.


Method and device for switching a plurality of packet-oriented signals


A method for switching a plurality of packet-oriented signals and an apparatus for performing the method includes supplying a signal to port units, each having ports, at one port, some ports, or all ports. A signal is connected from one port to another port of another unit by a central switching unit. Signal transmission therebetween is performed by transmission of data blocks. Each port unit ascertains the address information item for each packet supplied and uses the item to determine the appropriate receiving port unit. Each port unit stores the data packet in a buffer memory, compiles availability information and transmits it to the switching unit, which evaluates availability and ascertains further transmission without blocking occurring.; The switching unit connects the necessary paths between the transmitting and receiving port units and transmits the packets/cells through the paths. The receiving port units evaluate the information and assign the packets/cells, if necessary recombining the cells into data packets and outputting through ports.



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Hellwig, M.; Kirstädter, A.
Method and device for switching a plurality of packet-oriented signals
Patent, No US6931020, August 2005

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