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Iselt, A.; Kirstädter, A.; Chahine, R.


ASON for Bandwidth Trading


Bandwidth services as they have evolved over the last years can increasingly be seen as a commodity. Multiple network operators have comparable offerings and compete for customers. This fuelled the foundation of bandwidth brokerage and bandwidth trading companies in the late 90s. Unfortunately, their business models where not very successful in the past. Besides the overall economic weakness at the moment we identify some generic and technical reasons for this. Moreover, we show that with novel automation technologies like GMPLS or ASON/ASTN some of these problems can be alleviated. Possible operational models show how future bandwidth brokers or traders could be organised.



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Iselt, A.; Kirstädter, A.; Chahine, R.
ASON for Bandwidth Trading
Beiträge zur 5. ITG-Fachtagung Photonische Netze, Leipzig, May 2004

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