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Gloss, B.*; Scharf, M.*; Neubauer, D.


A More Realistic Random Direction Mobility Model, COST 290 TD(05)052




Mobility models are widely used in the simulation-based performance analysis of mobile networks. However, there is a trade-off between simple parametrization and realistic movement patterns. Synthetic models like the random waypoint and random direction model are simple to implement, but they only provide unrealistic simple user sojourn densities and traffic flows. In contrast, graph- or trip-based mobility models are complex to parameterize and their results are difficult to compare. In this paper, we propose the location-dependent parameterization of the random direction model to fill this gap. This model extension allows to setup non-homogeneous mobility scenarios, in particular based on real-world traces, while it still belongs to the class of synthetic random walk mobility models. We show that the location-dependent parametrization can accurately model arbitrary mobility patterns with very limited implementation complexity.



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Gloss, B.; Scharf, M.; Neubauer, D.
A More Realistic Random Direction Mobility Model, COST 290 TD(05)052
Proceedings of the 4th COST 290 Management Committee Meeting, Würzburg, October 2005

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