Publication No 36431


Necker, M.C.*


A simple model for the IP packet service time in UMTS networks, COST 290 TD(05)014


Performance Evaluation; Protocol Engineering; Traffic Engineering




This paper presents a simple model for the service time of IP packets in UMTS networks. The model reflects both the delay characteristics for an individual IP packet, as well as the correlation of the delay of successive IP packets. Our goal is not to obtain a quantitatively exact model. Instead, we provide a simple and easy to implement model, which qualitatively reflects the statistical properties of a UMTS radio link. Such a model is of great interest for network level simulations, where cross-layer interactions are the main focus. It provides a simple means to investigate the behavior of higher-layer protocols in a UMTS network without the need to implement a detailed model of the UMTS data link layer. We verify our model by comparing the statistical properties of the IP packet service time to those obtained using a detailed UMTS model. Additionally, we perform TCP simulations, where the results show a very good match between the proposed and the detailed model.



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Necker, M.C.
A simple model for the IP packet service time in UMTS networks, COST 290 TD(05)014
Proceedings of the 2nd COST 290 Management Committee Meeting, Colmar, February 2005

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