Publication No 34140


Gauger, C.M.*; Dolzer, K.*; Scharf, M.*


Reservation strategies for FDL buffers in OBS networks


Broadband Networks; Internet


Performance Evaluation; Others


Optical burst switching (OBS) is a promising candidate for a more dynamic optical layer in the context of IP over WDM. Although buffering is not mandatory for the functionality of OBS, it can further improve burst loss probability. However, highly sophisticated buffer architectures like the ones proposed in the context of optical packet switching (OPS) might not be necessary. After an introduction to OBS, the reservation mechanism just-enough time (JET) as well as principal buffer architectures, we introduce a new reservation scheme for fiber delay line (FDL) buffers and compare it to the scheme proposed so far. This new reservation strategy improves capacity requirements but has a higher loss probability in a scenario with only one service class. For two service classes, it does not interfere with offset-based QoS and is therefore advantageous due to the increased freedom in buffer dimensioning.



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Gauger, C.M.; Dolzer, K.; Scharf, M.
Reservation strategies for FDL buffers in OBS networks
Report, IND, University of Stuttgart, November 2001

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